Signosis provides strategic advice and expert testimony for clients engaged in ongoing market and policy challenges.  Our policy analysis and consulting build on our research expertise and is attentive to our clients’ needs.  We assist our clients to develop comprehensive strategies by translating knowledge into solutions and by highlighting opportunities and potential risks.  We help public sector agencies to assess existing policies and to improve or develop new policies aligned with their political and socioeconomic objectives.  We also provide to corporate clients the critical analysis and the necessary planning framework for creating a winning business strategy that can be transformed into action and results.

Signosis utilizes established research methodologies and state-of-the-art academic standards to conduct research that examines public policies and the impacts public policies have on practices and behaviours. By conducting thorough literature reviews and by identifying and documenting best practices associated with policy development, we provide information and we propose future development and ongoing work to decision-makers in the public and private sector as they design, implement or evaluate policies and programmes.  We put special attention at the issue of knowledge transfer to our clients and creation of institutional capacity to implement the developed strategy.

Signosis staff has experience with entrepreneurship, regional development and local governance, transport, telecommunications, environmental protection, labour market policy, pensions, employment and life long learning, social inclusion and equal opportunities. Signosis staff also has extensive experience in providing technical assistance and training on these and other social science research topics to public and local agencies’ personnel.