The publication of a social or sustainability report is the final stage in the evaluation process of a company’s corporate responsibility; in other words, it is the image a company projects with respect to the manner in which it handles its responsibility as a corporate citizen. At Signosis, we approach the publication of a social report as a crucial corporate development and as a communication tool for building trust-based relationships with stakeholders and at the same time contributing to effective risk management and capitalization of business opportunities. Our objective is to help our clients produce exceptional reports that are comparable with the level and quality of those of the best corporate social reports around the world.

For this reason, the publication of a social report is preceded by a mapping of corporate stakeholders, defining corporate values and ranking the importance of crucial material issues of concern to stakeholders so that the information published in reports focuses on the crucial issues of corporate concern. Through close collaboration with corporate staff, we help our clients validate the above issues and then subsequently select the most appropriate standard for their report, the indicators which should be measured and the manner in which they should be presented to best suit their needs and special characteristics.  We can also help our clients draft materials and edit them suitably for final publication as well as to select the most appropriate communications strategy to maximize the benefits associated with the publication of the report.