Signosis is an advisory, research and project management company based in Brussels, Belgium.  Our work is driven by our passion, curiosity and desire to respond to our clients’ needs and to develop solutions that add value to their business.   We support public authorities, companies, the academic research community, Civil Society Organizations and international institutions, with the knowledge, capabilities and innovative ideas needed to deliver outstanding results.

We are client focused and our aim is to get results to client in the most efficient and timely manner.  We embrace corporate responsibility, balancing our commercial interests with the creation of shared value by using our capabilities in ways that contribute to both social progress and economic success.

Signosis provides multidisciplinary services within various fields of expertise, ranging from information technologies to sustainability and social policy and focusing on promoting and implementing innovation in companies and social and public organisations.   We offer solutions in areas such as policy and strategy development, reorganization and improvement of capacity of government entities, production of research reports and documentation, management of EU funded research projects, programme management and evaluation, design and delivery of custom training programmes, review and development of sustainability strategies and programmes.

These solutions are founded on a long history of experience and expertise in research and in strategy and management consulting, in correlation with the understanding that knowledge, apart from power, is an ultimate business strategic priority.