Signosis designs and conducts evaluation studies of programmes, projects and policies to inform decision making of public agencies, investors or business.  We utilize sound methodologies, to collect and analyze relevant data, to determine if the objectives of a programme or an activity are being met and to assess or estimate indirect and cumulative impacts according to state-of-the-art models.

Our approach uses a mixture of research techniques, including analysis of administrative information, surveys, interviews and focus groups with beneficiaries, decision-makers and managers to provide a fully rounded picture of the project or programme being evaluated.  We examine the operations and process that make up a particular programme or policy under study and the impacts on target groups and we calculate the costs of program operation and compare them with the benefits to determine its net value, by estimating inputs in monetary terms and outcomes in non-monetary quantitative terms or by estimating both inputs and outputs in monetary terms.

We also help our clients to consider factors that cannot be easily captured in economic terms by using the Social Return on Investment (SROI) tool for measuring social value created by an activity or an organisation. Our analysis helps public organizations, investors and civil society organizations to understand and manage a much broader concept of value that is essential to socially sustainable development. At Signosis we use the appropriate metrics and principles as well as the perspectives of the stakeholders in order to deliver evidence-based evaluative analyses that recognize the social value created by an activity or organization.