The COVID-19 pandemic is having a considerable impact on countries across the globe. The coronavirus outbreak is a serious threat to public health. Lockdowns and other coordinated restrictive measures are necessary to save lives. However, these measures may also severely slow down our economies and can delay the deliveries of critical goods and services.

During this time the citizens have to be accurately informed, for the necessary changes in their everyday life for adapting with patience and endurance in order to protect their health. The European Commission has taken measures to ensure continued and uninterrupted land, waterborne and air cargo services. These services are of crucial importance for the functioning of the EU’s internal market and its effective response to the current public health crisis.

Read here the constantly updated information for Travel and transportation in EU during coronavirus pandemic

Please check the restrictions on Mobility on the following link: Mobility measures implemented or announced by Member States

As cities’ local authorities are stepping forward into the frontlines, POLIS network collects examples of how local authorities are keeping things moving despite the Covid-19 crisis