METPEX project Conference

Improving passengers’ experience in public transport

Thursday 10 September 2015, 09.30-16.30

European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040, Brussels, Belgium

Organised by the METPEX project with the support of the European Economic and Social committee

A holistic understanding of passenger experience is critical to develop and support transport accessibility. Whilst previous research has focused on different aspects of passenger experience, the diversity of tools developed limits their usefulness, effectiveness and transferability. Taking a holistic approach to the study of the passenger experience will provide a bridge between transport, sustainability, design, accessibility and land use; acknowledging the central importance of mobility to quality of life.

The METPEX project (  developed an inclusive passenger experience measurement tool for European transport providers, passenger groups and municipalities validated through its use across eight sites of varying transport complexity. Its development was informed by the consortium’s understanding that data collection methods themselves have to be inclusive. The data collected enabled the creation and dissemination of service quality and accessibility benchmark indicators. Through its deployment the METPEX tool has far reaching impact in terms of providing more grounded intelligence to inform transport design, accessibility, land use and sustainability, and ultimately improve mobility and quality of life for EU citizens.

The METPEX Conference provides briefing on latest research results and practical experiences regarding the passenger’s perspective in public transport and gives an opportunity to public transport sector representatives and to other stakeholders to discuss the key challenges related to accessibility, sustainability and quality of public transport services.

Within this context the METPEX conference intends to discuss insights and results, relating to:

  • Important trends and challenges affecting the accessibility and the quality of public transport;
  • Innovative solutions for human centered public transport services;
  • Methodologies and practices for assessing and utilizing mobility patterns and passengers behavior;
  • New research areas and business opportunities in the operation of public transport.

METPEX Conference Programme